Hey Reggae Family, we need YOUR help!

Hey Fams! I’ve got this idea…

I think I’d like to create a video for our song, “Sunrise” off the new album, and I’m wondering if you all would like to be a part of it. It’s been awhile since we even attempted to really shoot anything “official” – not since our infamous “Jump In The Line” Huntington Beach party back in 2012 (!) And that WAS a lot of fun, but I think I’d like to try something different this time around.

Since these days EVERYONE has a camera and is constantly shooting stuff virtually every day of their lives anyway, I figured why not just gather some of that everyday, real life stuff and put it in the video? What I’m thinking is; in keeping with the theme of the song – pictures and video clips of various sunrise scenes, over water, in the woods, in the city, coming through windows, etc. and people with the golden morning Light on their faces and in their eyes. I think it would be a beautiful way to document our shared experience and that feeling we all get when we are blessed to see that first light of day. There are spontaneous human moments that are taking place every second, that are surprising and delightful, and then are gone in seconds. We take what we get from them and then just keep moving and life goes on. It would really be interesting to see what might be captured and shared as we celebrate our sunrises together. 

Still pics and video clips (no more than 11 seconds) are being accepted for submission, and we have a Google Drive folder (HERE) dedicated for collection where we can sort through and view, and then begin the editing process. PLEASE label your files with your NAME as part of the filename. So on your mark… get set… GO!!!  Let’s celebrate the new day with our moments and memories and build something cool together. Sound like a plan?


One Love

One Family

One Vibration



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