Band Members

Meet the members of the P.L.U.S. Band

Carlos Jones

Guitar, vocals

Carlos has been entertaining audiences for over 35 years throughout the eastern half of the United States, first as a member of the roots reggae group “I-Tal”, and then with the legendary “First Light”, before finally pursuing a solo career with his current group – the Peace, Love, Unity Syndicate (aka “The P.L.U.S. Band”).  Choosing to focus on bringing a positive message with his music, Carlos has continued to win a diverse group of new fans everywhere he plays.

With headline performances at Cleveland ROCKSNYEVE, Jamaica's 'JamRock 2010', Idaho's 'Marley in the Mountain Fest', Wade Oval, Painesville Party in the Park, Warren Amphitheatre, Springfield Amphitheatre, and the Midwest Reggae Festival to name but a few, Carlos Jones and the P.L.U.S. Band will be rockin' the house with their unique brand of high energy "put yer dancin' shoes on" reggae.

Max Eger


Max has proven to be tremendously versatile, filling in on both drums and guitar at a level that is truly professional.   On drums, he brings a contemporary energy and edge with his playing, driving the songs along at a comfortable rhythm;  On guitar, he is able to double-up on the bass line with his rhythmic picking, and is equally comfortable providing sharp leads on certain songs.  Max is a long-time student of the reggae genre, so his playing is rooted in a deep understanding of how the music is structured.

Curt Johnson


Curt brings a degree of versatility to the P.L.U.S. Band. He plays a variety of percussion instruments including congas, tambourine, maracas, and timbales, all while adding the melodic and soulful harmony parts to the vocal blend. He also fills in on drums when the music calls for added rhythm and energy.

George Gordon


George, now well into his 70’s, is the group’s connection to Jamaican music and culture. He was a member of I-Tal/Cleveland, one of the first U.S. based reggae groups, and was a mentor to Carlos in the beginning of his career. Born in Jamaica, George knows many of the Jamaican reggae pioneers. His presence on stage is a joy to behold, as he plays the tambourine and moves those feet with such precision!

Roy Isaacs


Roy spent part of his childhood in India, where he was classically trained on Tabla, a traditional drum. He also lived for two years in Nepal, and spent some time in Columbia, South America, as well. During his travels, he studied the music of the regions before finally returning to Cleveland with a wealth of knowledge and new instruments to add to the band’s rich textural sound. Roy makes his presence known when hitting the skins, and even takes an occasional turn on the mic with some conscious lyrics.

Peter Platten

Keyboard, vocals

Keyboard wizard extraordinaire, Peter Platten, known in the group’s circle as “Jah Scientist”, provides the “color” to the group’s sound by often playing multiple keyboard parts simultaneously. He can provide subtle atmospherics that float in and out of the groove, or deliver hard, funky licks that cut right to the bone. Classically trained and jazz-oriented, Peter adds a depth that pulls the listener into music.