“A New Day” Review by Charlie Weiner

Let’s get this out of the way, Carlos Jones and The P.L.U.S Band’s new release, A New Day, is, in my humble opinion, a Masterpiece. From the get-go it grabs you with production that is so sharp you could shave with it and crackles with electricity of positive power that bathes the listener in joy and hope. ‘Sunrise’ kicks off the day, the birds are chipping and Carlos is going to help you get up, get moving, with a smile and gratitude for another day. ‘Crystal Moments’ a song of clarity that combines a little psychedelia and Reggae in perfect harmony. Once again, Mr. Jones fills us with hope and reminds us to take a little moment to be grateful. The guitar work on this song and those that follow is a brilliant combo of rock, soul and carving seldom heard on any style of record, let alone on reggae. ‘Hold The Vibe’ is just that, a song that rises to implore us to hold the vibes in our lives and those around us, feel the connections. ‘Reggae Family Party’ is exactly what you would expect it to be, fun, energetic, a party and we’re all invited, I smile just thinking of the tune. I am not certain who ‘Congoman’ is about but I know I would love to sit and converse with him for a few years while I listen to his wisdom and words. All of these songs have a perfect balance of hope, joy and promise without being preachy with melodies that soothe the soul. Speaking of soul, ‘Heart and Hands’ is Marvin Gaye at his ‘What’s Going On’ best. It took me a few moments to realize this is as good as anything Marvin ever put out, and that, my friends, is the highest praise I can gift. ‘Birthday Jammin’ should be played at every B-day party everywhere with everyone singing along, JOY! If there is one great injustice in this world it is that there are no longer radio stations that care about our local artists enough to play them, I have mentioned this with every, single album I have reviewed, but this one in particular just calls out. ‘Dancing in The Sand’ should be the song of the summer, and would be, if anyone would give it a chance. It is a celebration of joy of sharing good times with each other and dancing on the sand. Reggae is nothing without conscience and Carlos brings his along to complete this perfect album. ‘Heavy Machinery’ is an ode to the destruction of our Mother Earth, the tearing out of her soul and raping of her land, water, and air. But there is hope, there is always hope, and where do we find that hope? In the words of Dr. King beautifully woven with the music of Carlos Jones and the P.L.U.S Band. ‘Now Is The time’ pleads with us for Peace, Love and Understanding, to be family, to be there for each other, to love one and other. And he completes the scene with a little taste of John Lennon’s Imagine.

What makes this record so beautiful are the arrangements, the feel, but mostly the superb musicianship of George ‘Bredda G’ Gordon, Curt Johnson-percussion, Roy Isaacs-congas, percussion, Max Eger-drums, Darren ‘Cholly O’ Evans-bass–and if I may, this is one tight, solid, rhythm section, all else on here is built from this granite group! Ghani Harris is the guitar master, Peter Platten on Keys, Stan Middleton and Bryan Watson on horns and, of course, Mr. Jones vocals and guitar. This collection contains so much more than I can say in my words so buy it and listen to Carlos’ words and music. I had it in my CD player all the way to the OBX and back, he kept me awake, alive, and filled my heart and soul! Top to bottom recommends, highly!!!


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