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First off…my wife is an absolute boss. I’m so blessed to have her by my side. We got there right at the time the doors were supposed to open, so that we could find a table. My knee’s not ready for standing for three hours, let alone dancing. We walk in, and the place is packed. Every table taken. Well, she wouldn’t take “there’s no chairs available” for an answer, so that’s how I got to sit in front of the sound booth for the show.
We’ve only made two shows this year. Packy’s farewell at Beachland, and Tri-C Jazz Fest. Neither of those are full shows, of course, so we were starving for a full dose of the vibration. It was a beautiful day, the place was packed, so the energy was amazing.
I couldn’t even see the stage half the time, and it didn’t matter. I just needed to hear the sweet reggae music. See the family moving as one on the dance floor. Connect with familiar faces I haven’t seen in far too long.
It’s hard to go knowing you can’t do what you’d like to. I’m getting around okay, but the knee tires quickly, and I know dancing is inviting trouble for my recovery. But my hands still move just fine. From time to time, I stood up and leaned against the wall behind me. I was standing on one foot, but I could move a little.
My wife and I were able to still be playful with each other through “Wicked”. And at the end, it was fun to get a shout out from the stage for the Exodus Brothers. I had to control myself, but I found a way to bring what energy I could to the moment. And I had plenty of help around me taking up the slack.
I know the weather and busy schedules have kept all of us from getting together as much as we’d like. The calendar will get a little more solid coming up. We all need this.
Circumstances may change, and we can’t always experience the shows the way we once did. The band may change. But the music, the energy, the camaraderie…that’s universal. Get there, as soon as you can. You won’t regret it. And you’ll wonder how you could’ve missed it for this long.

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John Visnauskas is feeling loved with Maxwell Eger and
11 others
at West Bank of the Flats.
· Cleveland, OH  ·
Shout out to my buddy Carlos! We met about 45 years ago, in the early Ital era, when he was just learning his timbales and was under the mentorship of our dear departed pal Dave Smeltz. I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen the various incarnations of ‘los’ bands, but The PLUS Band alone I’ve literally seen hundreds of times.
Yesterday at Music Box was over the top for me. The congregation Mr Jones shepherds is incredibly beautiful. I often make plans to go out for weeks, but don’t get myself to go in the end. I’m still feeling the healing vibes I felt last evening, and am grateful for all of my reggae loving friends.

Idris Kabir Syed is with Carlos Jones and
9 others

Waited all summer to catch a Sunday reggae show at Music Box, but thankfully it was Carlos and the Plus band. I have been listening to Carlos play reggae music since I was younger than my son; First Light sponsored my soccer team as a kid (and I so wish I would have kept my shirt!). Peace Love and Unity Syndicate is more than a band, it’s a way of life for all of our Thieveland/Believeland Reggae family…

Melissa Mohler

Carlos Jones & The PLUS Band was just on fire  today. Made up for those canceled dates and they were leaving a trail of peace and love. Can’t wipe this smile off my face. Thank you, to Carlos and every member of the band

Marie Petronzio is at Music Box Supper Club.
· Cleveland, OH  ·
Carlos Jones is the only band that can pack Music Box Supper Club like triple sardines.

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