By Michael Greenland

I don’t know if I’ll even find words for what I just experienced. Just…wow.

Told you last year Edgewater Live was my single favorite show. This year was certainly a great sequel. The weather was beautiful, the setting so scenic, the people so warm and beautiful. The vibe is just even more peaceful and loving…if that’s even possible.

Part of what I love is that both years, I’ve come straight from work. So I miss the beginning of the show. And with the nightmare that is traffic, I abandon my car in the streets far above and walk the distance of the park to get there. Which means I hear two or three songs before I even get into the essence of the show. Which is really cool.

I was highly pleased to hear “Reggae Rocker”…love to shout out some of my favorite songs. Pretty cool for me too to get to the stage area just as “Reggae Family Party” started to play…seemed pretty appropriate.

Last year as I built myself up into this experience that is reggae family, I felt I just took in so much from you all. Almost felt selfish. And I know you all gave me the love so freely. This year…certainly tonight…I felt I was giving back. Big part of the fun for me was being able to see a lot of this night through the eyes of someone who couldn’t make last year’s show. I had built this night up pretty highly, and it clearly delivered for them. And that thrilled me.

My single favorite moment of this night was getting a couple chance moments out in the crowd between sets to give some love to a certain drummer who’s awfully special to me, and I know all of you. This was a powerful night.

Near the end of the night, I looked around. And in every direction I looked, there was a familiar face. I was literally surrounded by love. How cool is that? Once again, Edgewater, you did not disappoint. Sand in my toes..mmmmmm. Till next time…


Carlos Jones fans at Edgewater


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