Reggae Family Comes Out for Halloween at Vosh

Vosh Night Club’s Halloween Party

by Michael Greenland


Hmm…costume party. Reached out to enough people to know that I’d better come up with SOMETHING. I’m not blessed with creativity,  but I do have a whole bunch of Caribbean shirts and a beard. Pirate it is.

Two things hit me when I walked in: I would have felt very out of place if I hadn’t dressed up; and pirate is a very popular costume. I didn’t go quite the full pirate look of my guitar-playing nephew/son (don’t question it, people), but the room was pulsing with creativity and fun.

Many of the usual reggae fans came out to pack the room for the band’s incredible performance. There was playfulness to the proceedings that was fitting for the season.

When Exodus comes early in the set, and Could You Be Loved closes the first half, you know it’s going to be a high-energy night. But some of the best moments are the quieter ones. There’s a reason that Donna Bell and I yell “Church!” when Congoman plays  there’s a deep, real-life sentiment there. It’s sacred in my eyes. I spend most of that song pretty still because I just want it to wash over me.

As for the venue: I love Vosh. That outside patio is beautiful for kicking back between sets. And the outdoor heaters provided a  necessary warmth after cooling down.

This was the kind of night that was just different in a good way. We cut loose, laughed loud — it seemed like a million pictures were taken. So good to relive the beauty of the evening in the following days.

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