Carlos Jones is Fundraising for Cleveland Schools

Over the summer of 2015, Carlos Jones worked with an organization called the Positive Education Program that helps at risk kids in the Cleveland area. Carlos found the experience to be incredibly uplifting. He particularly enjoyed the sense of connection and community cultivated by the program. As a result, Jones, who owns a private label that specializes in gourmet coffee, tea and hot chocolate, has offered to donate some of the proceeds from sales to a good cause. Thus he has launched a new fundraising intiative, Positive Vibrations, as a way for schools and non-profits to raise money for their organizations.

Here’s how it works:

The school or non-profit makes money by selling the coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. They turn in their orders each week and Positive Vibrations will ship the product to them for delivery. Once a month, the school receives a commission check. The folks at Positive Vibrations hope to work out a program in which Jones brings kids up on stage and shows them how to play a percussion instrument and then has them play along with his band.


Buy Coffee


For information on how to get started with this program, call the Positive Vibrations fundraising hotline at 216-307-5230 or email


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