Carlos at the Time Warp in Westlake, Ohio


By Michael Greenland

I was thinking this morning: I’ve heard a common theme from so many people, and it absolutely echoes my story. People have come to the Carlos Jones experience stumbling almost blindly through the depths of whatever personal trauma brought them low, and have found redemption – a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves – a spirit inside them they maybe never thought they had.

But most of all, they’ve found joy –  maybe for the very first time in their lives. Yeah, let’s talk about joy. About pure heartfelt happiness to be in the moment. This is as real as love ever gets. It’s a whole community, from the guy behind the guitar (or percussion…or cowbell…) to the person coming for the first time just a little unsure of if anyone or everyone is watching them. Because they just have to dance.

“And most of all, we ain’t got nothing to lose….” That pretty much sums it all up, right? All of us got hooked by the music at first, and we’d follow this band to the ends of the earth, or so it sometimes seems. But when we walk through that door, it’s all about the community. The fun starts long before the music. Greeting people you haven’t seen in a week or two or, if you’re lucky, maybe you ran into them a couple days ago. It’s still just as special. In between sets, there’s impromptu dance parties on the floor, some of the fun moves outside even in the cold; the world we inhabit together expands, because we can’t be held in by four walls.

Pictures happen. Videos are posted. Me, I write. Because we all want to capture the entire experience in our own ways and show it to the world. We want everyone to experience what we get here. Joy to the world, indeed.

I love everybody in that room, as well as those of you who couldn’t be there, of course. My life is literally changed because of you. I don’t dwell on the pain that brought me here anymore; all I do is keep coming back for the next million laughs I’ll have with all of you.

But seriously, my heart is full. From incredible music to the pure joy of seeing all of you, my world is an amazing place because you exist and because you like dancing with me.

It makes me sleep way better when the last thought going through my head is the expression of pure joy experiencing this together. Can’t wait for summer and to feel the love and vibes outside, because I want the love to flow right into the atmosphere. Peace, blessings, and ❤ to you all.

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