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April 2010

Hey everyone! 

This is the official announcement from Gary Hoopengardner, whom I collaborated with on the song, Earth Day Everyday,  recently recorded at Lava Room Studios. It definitely was a labor of love, and the stars aligned for me to be able to record it with my brothers in First Light!

I was invited to New York City to perform it on April 24th, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it, since I'll be in Jamaica! (too bad, huh?)

Attached here is the first mix of the song - video soon to follow.

Let's make Earth Day every day!


Carlos Jones

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Click on Carlos to Download "Earth Day Everyday"


WRMU Podcast  Featuring Carlos on Peter Schneller's Roots, Rock, Reggae, and Reparte radio Show from June 20, 2009

It's Time (Los '08 Mix) Carlos and local Afro-Electronique Sensations Mifune Calloborate here for the very first time

Mifuné - Band Photo

Fear No Evil (Remix '08) Carlos and Mike Calhoun (Dazz Band / Ghetto Wisdom) Team-Up for a musical synergy of biblical proprtions.

Los's newest studio creation Catcha Falling Star
his musical tribute to the resort in Negril, Jamaica


The first collaboration of Carlos Jones singing a Mike Calhoun (Dazz Band, Ghetto Widsom) penned song -  "Fear No Evil" 

A love song dedicated to Los's wife of 10 years from the vaults.  Happy 10th guys! - 
"I Will Be With You" 

Fresh tune from
the studio "It's Summer" check it out here and think warm, sunny thoughts!

Carlos's Tribute to the legendary John Bassette - "Been Through So Much Together"
You Can view the John Basstte Tribute page and purchase a CD by Clicking Here

"Use Your Voice"
  Fresh Baked message from the Los PLUS Studios to get out and vote!

"Riot in the City"  Dedicated to the trouble in Paris a few years ago.

"Judgement Time"

"Leave a Trail" Live from the 10/2/05 Food Not Bombs Benefit in Cleveland

"Here Beside You"  - Los's Tribute to his Mom

Carlos, Peter, and Dan live on "WCPN's Around Noon" Show from 2/27/07.

Soundtrack for the Sustainable Culture Project

Download PLUS Studio Tracks - "Children Unite", "What I Think", "Marching Soldiers", and "No Blood For Oil" By Clicking Here

Carlos Jones Live Anthology Project

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