Carlos Jones & the P.L.U.S. Band - This is Los's current band....
Citing a drought of inspiration, singer-guitarist Carlos Jones, a Cleveland native, walked away from one of the region's most successful bands, First Light, to strike out on his own. He had a place to go -- the P.L.U.S. Band, a side project he formed with keyboardist Peter Platten. While First Light had scooped liberally from the rock and funk trough, the P.L.U.S. (Peace, Love, and Unity Syndicate) Band felt native pangs, relying more on percussion and less on electric instruments. At a show, you might see everyone in the seven-piece band but the keyboard player banging on a percussive instrument. Last year, the group released Full Circle, a retrospective of its work that includes songs recorded both live and in the studio. 

Carlos Jones has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years throughout the eastern half of the United States, first as a member of the roots reggae group "I-Tal", and then with then with the legendary "First Light". As frontman for First Light, the reggae influence was evident in much of the group's music, but over time, they developed a sound unique to themselves. As one of the primary songwriters, Carlos has written and performed over 100 songs with the group, and released 1 vinyl album, 2 cassettes and 2 CD's that sold in excess of 50,000 units on the groups label-- "Thin Ice Records". 

Feeling the need to get back to his musical roots, Carlos has recently embarked on a solo career and has formed a new group called Peace-Love-Unity-Syndicate (aka the PLUS Band). 

About the Band…..
The Peace, Love, Unity Syndicate, otherwise known as "The PLUS Band", came about in 1994, when it's founder, Carlos Jones, frontman for the popular group, FIRST LIGHT, and former member of I-TAL (one of the first Cleveland-based reggae bands) felt the need to get back to the roots reggae music that caught fire in his soul over twenty years ago, and formed the "P.L.U.S." as a side project. Now, with the help of close friend, local reggae DJ and archivist, "Bush Doctor" on guitar, vocals and percussion, Peter Platten (formerly of the group Mister Sensible) on keyboards and vocals, Bob Caruso (also a former member of FIRST LIGHT) on percussions, Roy Isaacs, percussion and missionary work, Ras Fiya (formerly of Dub-Flex) on bass guitar, and Will Douglas (formerly of Oroboros) on drums, P.L.U.S. delivers a dose of soulful roots reggae with lyrics that concentrate heavily on a message of peace and harmony within the human race and the environment around us. The group creates a festival like atmosphere anywhere they play, drawing crowds of all ages and races. The infectious rhythms woven by the group's use of a variety of percussion instruments, create an irresistable and uplifting vibration, hooking the crowd into their performance. Their repertoire includes many original songs, plus a generous helping of Bob Marley, Culture, and other recognizable covers mixed in with traditional Rastafarian Nyabinghi drum chants. The band's focus is more on an "old school" type of approach, rather than the contemporary. In the short time the band has been together, they have opened for several international acts, such as; Burning Spear, The Skatalites, Black Uhuru, Culture, and Big Mountain, also making guest appearances drumming onstage with these groups and others, including The Wailers, and Ziggy Marley.

Recently voted "the Best Reggae/Ska Band" in Northeast Ohio by the Scene Magazine readers poll, the group is quickly gaining a reputation as a solid, unique, entertaining act-picking up new fans everwhere they play, and retaining many of the former fans of FIRST LIGHT. The Peace, Love, Unity Syndicate continues to spread the positive vibrations playing benefits, festivals, private parties, concerts, and clubs throughout the Midwest region.