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Los's new recording of "Christmas (The Way It Used To Be)" has just been released on many of the major download sites!  AVAILABLE NOW!



Christmas the Way It Used to Be - Single by Carlos Jones on iTunes

Some Recent Updates from Carlos:

  Carlos just posted a new blog about the origins of his new Christmas song. You'll find that here: Christmas (The Way It Used To Be)

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Subject: FW: Photos From Show




      Here are some nice photos from the show the other night at Lorain, courtesy of Mark Horning.



To see the photos from the Lorain Palace Theater show click HERE.


Thanks!  Mark Horning


Music Box Photos



     Here's a link to a bunch of great photos courtesy of Mark Horning, from the Music Box show:


It was a night fulla vibes!  Perfect way to wrap up another great year together.  Merry Christmas to everyone!






February 21, 2013



    Cleveland, Ohio – Little Fish Records announced today that Carlos Jones,

Internationally acclaimed American reggae artist, received “The Pathfinder Award” for Humanitarianism

from his alma mater, Maple Hts. High School.  Jones was one of 5 recipients who received this award

at an impressive assembly at the school on Wednesday, February 20th. Other categories awarded

were; Education, Art & Science, Citizenship & Government, and Business.

This award is given out annually to alumni who have distinguished themselves through achievement in

those five categories, and is determined by a committee of students at the school.

            Jones, who was surprised and humbled by the award, commented:  “I got the opportunity

today to go back to my old high school and give thanks and acknowledgement to those who helped to

build my foundation and lit the way for me, as well as to pass on some positive words of

encouragement to the students there. I hope that someone will take away something of worth from

what I have shared. Thank you MHS, for the honor. I feel that there are those SO much more

deserving than I, but I do greatly appreciate it.”

    Joining him at the awards ceremony were Lorenzo Lynch, his best friend from high

School; George Gordon - his mentor, friend, and fellow PLUS Band member who was partially

responsible for encouraging Jones to pursue his love for reggae music; and Larry Koval, his personal

manager since 1998.

January 14, 2013



Akron, Ohio – Little Fish Records (LFR) announced today that the group “Winslow” will be having


their official album release on March 1st at Musica, 17-19 Maiden Lane, Akron, Ohio 44308.  Doors at


7:00pm. Tickets are $9.99 which includes the new Winslow CD, “Left of the Right Direction.” The soul


rock outfit will add fellow LFR artist Carlos Jones on percussion for the night. The night’s lineup will


also include Krian Music Group recording artists The Strange Familiar and Rock Ridge Music


recording artist Ryan Humbert.


      Winslow’s new album, “Left of the Right Direction”, will be their first release since their


debut album “Crazy Kind of Love” (March 2012).  After going through several lineup changes, the


band spent the last year putting this album in place. The band will feature multiple songs mixed by


Grammy Nominated engineer Nick Chahwala (Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Gym Class Heroes) as well


as  the song “Quarter Life”, which was produced by Grammy Award Winner, Edwin “Tony” Nicholas


(Gerald Levert, Barry White, Mary J. Blige). Winslow’s new album also


includes the single “Nothin’s Easy”, which features the percussion work of Cleveland Reggae legend


Carlos Jones.


     “I don’t know if I’ve ever been so proud of something in my life” said Winslow Lead singer Maurice


Martin, who was voted Best Vocalist in the 2010 Scene Music Awards. “There was a time when we


didn’t know if this band would make it to create a second album. We lost members. We lost hope.


Sometimes its in your darkest moments that you find yourself.”


     The band’s album release will is sponsored by Jilly’s Music Room and Music America. The $9.99


ticket price will include a copy of the album for all attendees.  “We feel like we created something that


is truly special and we want to share it with the world. Call it soul; call it pop; call it rock. We don’t care


how people classify it we just want people to truly listen”


     Winslow’s unique blend of soul, rock, pop, and funk has led the band to opening appearances


with Earth Wind & Fire, Incubus, OAR, Lupe Fiasco, OK GO, Rusted Root, and many other major


nationals. Winslow is a past winner of Cleveland’s Best Local Band on the Fox 8 Hey Butler Hotlist


and Cleveland’s Best Original Band in Cleveland Scene Magazine.


     The Strange Familiar, originally from Akron, Ohio, has risen to national acclaim after appearances


on ABC Family, NBC’s America’s Got talent, and a recent placement in the Twilight soundtrack.


     Rock Ridge Music Recording Artists The Ryan Humbert Band, have been featured on Sirius XM


satellite radio.


           LITTLE FISH RECORDS (LFR) is a Cleveland-based record label committed to presenting a wide variety of roots-based musical genres, including Reggae, World, Americana, Blues, Folk, Jazz, and Rock.  Little Fish Records is a division of Cross Track Music, Inc., a full-service provider of artist services, including management, promotions, distribution, bookings, publishing, foreign licensing, mobile marketing (through it’s MusicAmerica subsidiary), and video production.

Painesville Party in the Park 2012

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Carlos Jones and PLUS Band "Jump in the Line" Video


"Carlos Jones is a great band, one of the best in America."
Sirius XM Satellite Reggae DJ Dermot Hussy from "The Joint!"

 "Once I calmed down the soothing reggae sounds of Carlos Jones started to flow through me.  I lost myself in the groove.  People dig this guy.  There is something about him that is so real.  It was so unexpected to see this kind of island soul coming out of Cleveland Ohio.  I bought into it 100%.  This was real reggae and Carlos Jones is the real deal.  I have seen others make a mockery of it, I have seen others hold their own but I have never seen something this authentic and real up close like this....The crowd was a mix of all creeds and colors dancing to the sound of this deep funky island music.  If you weren’t at least bobbing your heads to this beat you had no soul.  They say music can bring unity and peace.  I am hear to say Jones and his band write the soundtrack for that concept."
Jason Burchaski - 52 Weeks of Cleveland

"Carlos Jones is to Cleveland reggae what Jim Brown is to Cleveland running backs: the undisputed champ. With Jones at the forefront of the scene for more than 25 years - first in I-Tal, then in First Light - this city's reggae following was practically built upon his back. Devoutly spiritual, Jones is a Bob Marley devotee who eschews dancehall for galvanizing roots-reggae. Jones and his PLUS Band were voted Best Live Act in Cleveland at the 2004 Scene Music Awards and since then have won the award for Best Reggae/World Act every year, culminating in being given permanent "All Star" status in 2007. They maintain a hectic pace of gigging at clubs, private events and festivals, playing out every single weekend. As a result, the band's soulful rhythms and heartfelt vocals have made it one of Cleveland's top draws for close to a decade."
Cleveland Scene Magazine


Jah Roy

From: Larry Koval []
Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2011 10:39 AM
To: Frank Bubnick
Subject: Nice review of HOB show


Thanks to Mark Horning of the The Examiner for sharing this review of Carlos Jones' PLUS with Outlaws I&I at the House of Blues:

From: [] On Behalf Of Larry Koval
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 5:26 PM
To: PLUSvibes Group
Subject: [PLUSvibes] This week in PLUSville



     This is a busy week for us.  As most of you know, the new cd - "Positive Vibrations" is now up on I-Tunes and Amazon.  Local radio station V 107.3 FM, debuted the song "Wicked" on their new program Sunday night.  The show will run again on Wednesday at 10pm, so tune in and call in to request the song, or another song off the cd.
     Last night, Carlos appeared on the "Island Time" radio program, which emanates locally at WBWC - the Baldwin Wallace radio station.  The show, however, is broadcast worldwide via the internet, and their software tracks the location of everyone tuning in to the show.  Carlos watched as people from around the world tuned in to the show.  Since the program is syndicated in several other markets, you have a chance to catch it again if you missed it last night.  Check out these links to see when the program will be airing again:
Encores also heard on:




Then - this Friday morning (November 18th), Carlos & the PLUS Band will be appearing on the Fox 8 Morning Show.  You know the drill - they'll play a few songs between 7:30am and 9:00am, so tune in or set the old Tivo to record the show.  Finally, the band will be performing at Brothers' Lounge on Saturday night, November 19th.  It's the only gig this week, so the band will be rested and ready.  Get yourself ready to dance the night away!
     And on behalf of Carlos and the band, we'd like to thank you once again, for all the love and support you give us throughout the year.  We have a great community of people who love to have a good time, and we're blessed and grateful to be able to do this at the level that we're doing it at.
Larry Koval
Personal Manager for Carlos Jones

A review of the Latest CD Release from The Examiner

Click Here to See an Inveriew of Carlos on Radio Hannibal


Greetings from Carlos Jones & The PLUS Band!
Keeping it POSITIVE in '11!

Carlos Appearing with his brother Norm's Project at The Whte House April 25th:

We are honored to announce that Rhythm Child is headed to the White House to perform at the 2011 Easter Egg Roll


As part of the Hop To It stage activities, Rhythm Child will bring its interactive concert to the South Lawn to promote healthy living and positive choices.



Check out the official press release about the event to see how much fun our boys are going to have when they are not on stage.



Follow this incredible journey on Reverb Nation, Twitter, You Tube, or Facebook to get an inside look of Rhythm Child @ The White House

Check out the article go to:

Members of Carlos Jones & The PLUS band to team up with Rhythm Child to play White House event April 25th!

 Carlos Jones, Peter Platten and Will Douglas of The PLUS Band will be joining forces with Carlos' brother Norman's group, Rhythm Child to perform at the Annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House this coming Monday, April 25th. Rhythm Child was selected for their ongoing excellence in children's musical education and entertainment in and around the Los Angeles area for the past 10 years. This will be the first public performance together for the brothers, who just recently collaborated on a song called "Get Up And Go", which just happens to be the theme of this year's event, in line with The First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign to encourage a healthier lifestyle, and fight childhood obesity.

The song is available for free download (for a limited time) at Rhythm Child's site here:

They will debut the song live at the White House event on Monday.

Little Fish Press release attached


Another link to the song:


Scene article:

Thu Apr 28 - 5 pm to 6 pm -  Kent State (Kent, OH)



By Carolyn Boyce

Published: Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Updated: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 08:02

the link will take you there

Carolyn Boyce

Cleveland Reggae Family Tree Project

Greetings Family!

After searching Facebook for an interactive collective where any and all of Cleveland's Reggae community could gather online and build on the documentation of the history of Reggae music in Cleveland and surrounding places, I decided to go ahead and start one.!/group.php?gid=135182933171900

I think it's an important story that needs to be told, and a history that should not be lost. It will be open to anyone who wants to post photos, music, band personnel lineups, and stories of the road or about shows, clubs or anything pertaining to this rich history of reggae music in our rock and roll town. This is just the seed of what I hope it to eventually be. So jump on, and rack your brains for the names of anyone who has a connection to weigh in with their thoughts and recollections. Let's see if we can have a roll call of the singers and players of instruments, deejays, sound systems, clubs, promoters, supporters and fans. And let's build it together.

One Love!


Click to Help The Earthday Coailition
Download the Song for Free Here and Make a Donation At Their Site Today!

Hey everyone! 

This is the official announcement and press release from Gary Hoopengardner, whom I collaborated with on the song, Earth Day Everyday,  recently recorded at Lava Room Studios. It definitely was a labor of love, and the stars aligned for me to be able to record it with my brothers in First Light!

I was invited to New York City to perform it on April 24th, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it, since I'll be in Jamaica! (too bad, huh?)


Attached here is the first mix of the song - video soon to follow.


Let's make Earth Day every day!




Carlos Jones

Click to Help The Earthday Coailition
Download the Song for Free Here and Make a Donation At Their Site Today!

Click on Carlos to Download "Earth Day Everyday"


Artist Contact:

Little Fish Records

Larry Koval -

PO Box 19164

Cleveland, OH 44119


Little Fish Records



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Earth Day song, recorded by Carlos Jones & First Light!



Adam Hoopengardner, Owner


315 7th Ave. #2

Brooklyn, New York 11215

Phone: 646-283-4651




Earth Day Everyday!

Three talented locals premiere “Earth Day Everyday” song to the world at Grand Central Stage NYC


When: April 24th 2010 Between 11:00 and Noon

What: Performance of “The Earth Day Everyday” song

Who: Little 7 year old Stella Connelly and Hoop the Last Folk Singer

Why: For everyone to listen and learn from a song that Earth Day is every day!

Where: Grand Central NYC


Cleveland: Little 7 yr. old Stella Connelly with the help of songwriter performer, “Hoop the Last Folk Singer” is sending an important message to everyone this Earth Day 2010. Earth day is every day! The message is passed along through the new song “Earth Day Everyday” written in part by Laura Hoopengardner and her father. The song was produced/engineered by John Walsh at Lava Room Recording, featuring Stella Connelly and reggae recording artist Carlos Jones with First Light and published by HOOPSONGS PUBLISHING BMI. Stella and Hoop will be the first to premiere the song to the world in New York City for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.


Back story:

The words for the song are adapted from a poem his daughter Laura wrote about Earth Day in ’97 when she was only 11 years old. She asked her father why is it so hard for people to stop polluting. Strong words from a child to her father. His answer was “It takes a long time for people to change habits and they need constant reminders and even laws to change”. This answer inspired his daughter to write an Earth Day poem that moved her father so much that he wrote music and took her and other sibling Janet into the recording studio where they recorded Earth Day.


Dad taught the girls the melody and with just a simple guitar accompaniment made a cassette tape that he and Laura delivered to the Cleveland Earth day Coalition. The staff listened and thanked Laura and her dad and invited Laura to perform the song at the Earth day festivities held at the Cleveland Zoo. Laura also received a poster and Earth Day T-shirt. The song was forgotten until last Aug. when Gary (Hoop) was listening to the Reggae sounds of Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band at an outdoor concert. Carlos at one point in his show asked the children in the audience to come up in front of the stage. Carlos sang to the children and the children swayed to the Reggae rhythms with such a great feeling of well being and happiness especially when performed by Carlos Jones. “I was at this performance and I watched Carlos sing to the children and I had an A-Ha! Experience, Carlos needs to sing the Earth day song with a child”.


Hoop stated: “I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. It just seemed so right”. He contacted his songwriting partner Liz LaGuardia and told her about his A-Ha! Experience and asked if he could borrow her 6 yr. old daughter to sing the song with him and then send it to Carlos”.. Liz asked Stella and Stella and Hoop practiced the song and then recorded it at Lava Room Recording Studios in Cleveland . He emailed Carlos the song. Although Carlos was very busy he did state when he had time he would listen to it in the following week. Hoop emailed him back: “I think this song is something you want to hear right now! It will only take 3 minutes”. About 20 minutes later Hoop’s cell phone rang and it was Carlos calling stating he was very surprised and excited. Carlos stated he enjoyed what he heard and thanked him for thinking of him to perform the song. Carlos then stated he would work something up right away.


Hoop contacted producer/engineer John Walsh and rented the studio. One thing led to another and after a few days working out other details. Carlos went to the Lava Room Studios and John contacted musicians he wanted to record the backing track. Liz brought Stella to the studio and what you are hearing on this mp3 is a mix of Earth Day Everyday.


So why is he doing all this after 12 years of the song sitting on the shelf? Well it all goes back to daughter Laura now 23, asking why haven’t things changed and why do companies spend thousands of dollars during the Earth Day Season with large balloons and giant signs. And again he stated to her that people need to be reminded. But now he has taken action with the song to bring it to everybody’s attention. And you what? A song doesn’t pollute and I know I’ve learned many messages from songs. “Happy Birthday”, “You Are My Sunshine”, “Amazing Grace”, “Let It Be”, “Born in the USA ”, and probably the best message “Imagine”. So everyone, listen to another song that sends a message. “Earth Day Everyday” it will help you remember to save the Earth, save the land, save the world. Reduce, reuse, and recycle everyday!


Laura, Stella, and Hoop


Contact information: email:


Click Here to See More from Positive Cleveland!

Cleveland Reggae Family Tree
At Cellis' memorial service a couple months ago I was wonder-struck as I looked around at Cleveland's distinguished Reggae Alumni, who had turned out to honor our fallen Bredren, and it occurred to me that there is a very real need for a documentation of Cleveland's reggae family tree and lineage. That story simply can NOT be allowed to fade into obscurity. I feel it is just as much a part of our city's musical legacy, and history in general, and it can't be taken for granted. It is my intention to somehow collect, organize and assemble as much of and as many details as I can gather about how and where it all started, where it has come and who was involved. I am looking for anyone and everyone who has an interest in this project to contact me and send me band names, personnel lineups, pictures, stories, articles, flyers, songlists, setlists, discographies, chronologies, personal recollections - anything that pertains to reggae music in Cleveland, and will accept any help in putting this thing together. Perhaps we'll eventually have a book or at least a comprehensive online archive that anyone can reference to be able to see the whole picture and put it all into perspective. I think it's time we preserve this story for future generations to know how much a part of Cleveland's story reggae music has been over the years, do you agree?
Chapters/categories could be as follows, for example:
  • How and When It All Began
  • The Jamaican Community
  • Reggae Begins To Rock
  • The Cleveland Scene
  • The Akron Scene
  • The Columbus Scene
  • The College Circuit
  • The Clubs
  • Radio Shows/ Djs
  • Festivals
  • International Artists Who Played Cleveland
  • The Evolution of Reggae Music
  • Holding On
  • Fiya Burning - The Rennaisance
  • Forward Ever
I'm sure as this progresses and as more people add to it, it will become quite extensive and multi-faceted. It is a project I will enjoy as much as I have enjoyed playing the music over the years, and I look forward to working with you all. I think it will be a great tribute to those Brothers and Sisters who are no longer with us, and to all those who have given of their love and God-given talent to keep the reggae fire blazing and keep us dancing and feeling IRIE! 
It's all about the Positive Vibration,
With love and respect,

Carlos Jones

Date:  3/24/09
Our Brother Cellis

Another of our Brothers has gone on to the next life...
Our dear Brother, Ed Skinner, better known as Cellis (pronounced chellis) has passed on as of Sunday, Mar. 22nd.  I came to know him as the bass player and arranger for various groups, before he joined First Light in 1985. After his time with us he formed his own band, Satta, which enjoyed a long run through the late 80s and 90s.  His untimely passing is a shock and a loss to our community as well as Cleveland's reggae fraternity especially.

Please join me in sending prayers and comfort to his surviving family members, and let's do what we can to support them in this time of loss.
Rest in peace, Cellis

Date:  1/22/09
Subject:  Robin Stone Benefit
Some of Cleveland's brightest stars came out for a recent benefit for local artist Robin Stone at Brother's Lounge.  PLUS Band appeared along with many others.  Here are some photos.  If you'd like to contribute please contact Larry Koval from Little Fish Records.



Use Your Voice:

The Carlos / First Light Classic "Apartment Living" is Featured in the Trailer for the New Movie "Surfer, Dude" starring Willy Nelson, Woody from Cheers, and Matthew McConaughey

CLICK HERE to See for Yourself!

Go to for your local surf forecasts

View Carlos Jones & The PLUS Band's EPK
View Carlos Jones & The PLUS Band's EPK

To send cards and condolences:
Michelle Benton & Family
6646 Tupelo St
Bedford, OH 44146
Darren "Bassie" Benton was one of the most sought after reggae bass players in Ohio, building his resume with groups like Earth Force, Stagalag, and Dubflex, and has backed many internationally known acts such as Eek A Mouse, Don Carlos, Michael Rose and Ken Boothe, to name just a few. Equally adept at jazz, funk and R&B, he could also play trumpet, piano and drums. He played bass with The PLUS band during the summer of 2007, filling in for Cholly, who was recovering from an injury. Bassie was a big guy with a big heart and a great sense of humor. He would keep us cracking up with the stories he'd tell. He was a loving father and husband and worked hard to provide for his family, sometimes working two jobs as well as playing out. He leaves behind a wife and four children. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at their time of loss.

Date:  2/20/08
Subject:  Rhythm Child Network

Rhythm Child:

Los's Brother - Norm Jones Site and You Tube Video

First Light Memories...

Check this out...

I just wanted to put this call out to anyone who has a story,
anecdote, recollection, photo or just a comment in general about
their days of going to see First Light. We'd like to hear from you.
Let us know what it meant to you, how it felt and how it affected
your life. We'll be putting up a special section on my website (click HERE to see it), where we'll feature your comments and photos. If
you'd like to send shout outs to friends you used to hang out with
back in the day that you've lost touch with, send 'em our way and
let's have a big ol' reunion online.

Who knows what it could turn into?

Send to:

Press Release:  Local filmmaker wins top spot at Sundance
Carlos Mentioned in a review of "North Starr" from
The Hollywood Reporter:

Click Here to See It!

I am proud to announce the coming release of a stunning dramatic film by one of Cleveland's own, Matthew Stanton, a young filmmaker from Chagrin Falls, Ohio who followed his vision to Houston, Texas, then ultimately to Los Angeles.
His full-length film, North Starr  was selected to be in the top 16 out of thousands of entries, and will premiere at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival on January 20th, 2008 in Park City, Utah. Nationwide release will be soon to follow. The movie also features music from another well known local artist, Carlos Jones, a longtime Cleveland resident who has carved out a 30 year performing and recording career with such groups as I-Tal, First Light, and his current group Carlos Jones & The PLUS Band. This collaboration has been long in the making for both artists and a labor of love brought together by serendipitous events in their lives. This acceptance by the independent film community is a validation of the faith, perseverance and hard work put into the project by Stanton and all involved.
For more info, go to:


North Starr 

"Carlos Jones plans solo CD, then one with PLUS Band"
Friday, September 28, 2007
John Benson
Special to The Plain Dealer

Carlos Jones plans a solo CD,

then another with PLUS Band

Carlos Jones, reggae

Hometown: Woodmere

Years performing: 29

Day gig: professional musician

Veteran Cleveland-area musician Carlos Jones has a few irons in the fire regarding his solo career and his Peace Love Unity Syndicate (better known as P.L.U.S.) Band. "I've been doing compilations with various artists around Cleveland and look forward to putting out a solo CD of material," said Jones, a 1976 Maple Heights High School graduate. "It's something that's been in the works for quite some time." Jones hopes to have the solo project out next year. Also in the mix for a 2008 release is the sophomore album from Jones and the P.L.U.S. Band. New songs include "Music to the Rescue," "Leave a Trail" and "Catch a Falling Star." Jones wrote the latter track recently while on vacation in (surprise, surprise) Jamaica. Erstwhile member of I-Tal, Jones hints another of his former bands, First Light, could be getting close to traveling down reunion lane.

Click Here to Vote for PLUS Band on Fox 8's Hot List!!!
Click here to find
                              out more!

While in Jamaica:

Planning a trip to Jamaica?  Carlos had a great stay in Negril at Catch a Falling Star



Greetings everyone!
Here are the words to the song. I'm working on the recording now. I'm already spreading the word up here about the place and plan to put a link to your site up on my page, so don't be surprised if you get some folks coming down saying "Carlos sent us."
Thanks again for the wonderful time.
(A special hail up to Andrea & Barbara!)
Irie feeling is what it is…
Got my feet up on the rail and no worries on my mind
Appleton’s going down smooth and warm
while the sun paints the western sky
And as far as the eye can see…
The water stretches out to greet the horizon
And I know that soon the only light we’ll see is that of a million stars
And I believe right now I could catch one – that’s right
I could catcha falling star
I could catcha falling star
The way this feels right now I wish could be the rest of my life
So sweet the taste like mango, banana and sugarcane
Sampling all the island has to offer and savoring the juice
I will catch a falling star and never turn it loose
I will catcha falling star
Yes I will catcha falling star
When you catcha falling star, no matter where you are
You can always get that feeling when you remember the inspiration
You can catcha falling star
You can catcha falling star
Now I know that there are troubles
And that not everything is Irie
Cause the people they have to struggle
Just to get from day to day
But still I’ve got to thank the Father
For sunshine air and water
And I’ll say my daily prayer
That Jah will bless my sweet Jamaica, yeah
And I will catcha falling star
Yes I will catcha falling star
When you catcha falling star
People come from near and far
When life is running you ragged
And you need a soul vacation, yeah
You can catcha falling star
You can catcha falling star
Now I’ve got to thank Jah Jah
For allowing me the pleasure
I’ll hold on to this memory forever
And this feeling I will treasure, yeah
And I will catcha falling star
Yes I will catcha falling star
And when we catcha falling star, no matter where we are
We will always get this feeling when we remember the inspiration, yeah
And we will catcha falling star
We will catcha falling star

Carlos Jones – 7/17/07

Hey, check it out sometime - it's pretty cool!
Live webcasts from Negril every day of the week.

click or copy & paste

"My daughter Mikayla (next to Los) and my neice Olivia loved dancing around and wanted to get a pic with him.  The best part of this was on Monday my daughter told me she wanted to go to Shooters to see Bob Marley again."
Eddy Coyne 7/1/07 at Shooters

Mona, Chuck, and friends with Carlos during warmer, sunnier days this past summer at The Art Museum in Cleveland.

Photos from 7/4/07 Gratefulfest at Nelson's Ledges Courtesy of Ric Findlay:




Greetings from Jamaica  Photo from Carlos '07 Vacation

Subject:  John Bassette Tribute

Yep, you got it. Here's that John Bassette song I did, along with the link to the official tribute website. 

Even though I didn't record my song in time for it to be included on the CD, I encourage people to get it. It's excellent! Some of Cleve-town's best interpret his songs in a beautifully crafted and well put together tribute to the man and his music.

John was a masterful songwriter and storyteller, and I'm so glad to be re-discovering his music, not just through this compilation, but also through the original recordings of his spanning over 3 decades. One of Cleveland's own folk heroes, gone but not forgotten by those who were touched by his music and his presence. "We've been through so much together."


Go To the Downloads Page to Hear "Been Through So Much Together"

Date:  4/26/07
Subject:  Tri-C CD Release Party

Tri-C's "Crooked River Groove Records" has released performances from 6 different artists who performed live at the Tri-C Wi-Fi Cafe, including a Carlos Jones live solo/acoustic performance.  Click on the Link to purchase your own copy.



Tri-C’s Crooked River Groove Releases Multiple New Albums with Kickoff Event
Cleveland -

CLEVELAND -- On May 7, six new e-recordings will be released simultaneously by Cuyahoga Community College’s Crooked River Groove Records (CRG). Northeast Ohio artists Carlos Jones, XeLa, Zach, Phatty Banks, Cami & Cora, and E&J’s Ghetto Wisdom comprise the first round of “download-only e-releases” from the label’s “Live @ the WiFi Café” concert series. Each artist performed in a coffeehouse setting at Tri-C’s Metro Campus with students recording, mixing, mastering and now marketing the music.

CRG Records is breaking new ground with this multiple e-release since very few colleges operate their own record label. This marks the first time a college label has released six recordings at once. It also marks the label’s embracing of the “single song download” delivery model, which gives independent musicians a stronger voice in the music industry. Tri-C is proud to partner with these Northeast Ohio artists in support of regional independent music. Listeners can stream this music from their personal computers for free, or pay to download individual songs or entire albums at

The participating artists span genres and generations. “Twisted Folk” from Xela, reggae-man Carlos Jones’ positive rhythms and pop songs from troubadour Zach are joined by the hard-hitting and insightful poetry of E&J’s Ghetto Wisdom, street legend Phatty Banks with the best of Cleveland Hip-Hop/Rap and finally, hauntingly beautiful Latin folk from mother and daughter Colombian expatriates Cami & Cora.

To celebrate this multiple release, on Monday, May 7, CRG Records will host a CD Release and Media Party at the B-Side Lounge, 2785 Euclid Heights Blvd, adjacent to the Grog Shop in the Coventry area of Cleveland Heights, from 8:00 until 10:00 p.m. All six artists will perform songs from these “Live from the WiFi Café” recordings.

In all, 37 Tri-C students in four separate classes on two campuses worked behind the scenes to make this project possible, including Western Campus web design students “hired” to redesign the CRG website.

CRG Records is a product of Tri-C and its innovative Recording Arts & Technology department (RAT). RAT trains students for entry-level positions within the audio industry. Associate of Applied Science Degree-seeking students receive broad-based training in music and entertainment related fields including recording and mixing, location sound, commercial production, audio for video and television, record production, live sound reinforcement, music promotion and event producing.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007 03:04 AM

Carlos in Print

Carlos Article:
Carlos wrote an article entitled "Ancient River" for the March / April 2007 "The Journey" magazine.  Click Here  to read the article for yourself. 

Carlos Interview:
There is an article/interview with Carlos in the November 2005 issue of The Journey, a magazine dedicated to health and wellness, personal enlightenment and inner exploration. The mag's editor, Clyde Chafer goes one on one with Carlos to get to the root of his message... and mission.

To read this interview, go to - Click on the November - December 2005 Back Issue Link. You can pick up a current copy at any of these locations:
  • Wild Oats Market (Beachwood)
  • Delphic Books (Coventry)
  • Arabica (Univ Hts., Lakewood)
  • 'Web of Life (Westlake)
  • The Mustard Seed Cafe (Solon)
  • New Earth Cafe (Lakewood)
  • Liquid Planet Cafe (Lakewood)
  • Borders Books and Music (All locations)
  • City Buddha (W. 25th)
  • Karma Yoga (Downtown)
To reach Clyde Chafer at The Journey magazine and Karma Yoga:
Ph # 440-223-1392
The Journey Magazine  - 
Karma Yoga -

Press Play Below to See a PSA that Featured Carlos for Cuyahoga County's Vote Campaign


PLUS in the News:
   Here is a review of the PLUS Band CD that was in a recent issue of THE BEAT Magazine by Chuck Foster, a reknowned journalist.  This appeared in his monthly column - REGGAE UPDATE:
      Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band offer Roots With Culture (Little Fish Records).  Powerd by sinewy riddims rotted in the arena-reggae style, soaring keyboards, searing electric guitar, plenty of percussion and Jones' believable lead vocals augmented with harmony and call-and-response backing vocals, they sound like a band that can come across strong in a live setting.  Irie vibes predominate on cuts like "Jah Guide Over Us", "Touching Home Again" (which segues a musical quote from the Meditations' "Woman Is Like A Shadow" into the riddim of Burning Spear's "Creation Rebel" and ties it all together with a burning Chicago blues-style harmonica) and the Nyahbinghi-based "Iditations" which opens with a spoken-word introduction from Ras Pidow.
     Undoubtedly, the most played song off this album will be the Bob Marley tribute "Torchbearer".  Am I mistaken in thinking "State of Jah Music" is written in response to some of my own comments that opened a "Reggae Update" column in The Beat?  Heartfelt songs delivered with good playing and top-flight production values. (

Here are some photos from Steve Pryor.  Indoor shots are from the JimMiller gig from the Fall.  Outdoor shots are from 2005 Midwest Reggae Fest:





  • Carlos Jones & PLUS Band CD "Roots With Culture"  The long awaited debut CD of Carlos Jones and The PLUS Band has hit the streets.  To get your own copy click on over to Little Fish Records or  You can also find more great Carlos and First Light releases there!  Click Here to see the lyrics to this great new CD.

  • Roots!

    • Click Here to read a review of the new CD from The Cleveland Free Times web site or here for a short review from Scene Magazine.

    • Rhythm Child
      Carlos's brother, Norm, who lives on the west coast, has started an organization called RhythmChild. It deals with introducing young children to the joys of music and drumming and it's unifying effects at an early age. It has caught on very quickly with parents and schools out there, and it's my intention to be the midwest rep out this way. Check out to find out more.
    • Province of Grace
      Click Here  to learn how you can help Province of Grace, a women's half-way house in E. Cleveland
    • Hessler Street
      Click Here to read an article from the P.D. about Hessler Street.